Who: Community Network Solutions LLC (CNS) is a youth led worker cooperative based in Oakland, CA. We are creative, innovative, and socially conscious. We are for the community, by the community, and everything we do is through the lens of social justice.

What: We do screen printing, murals, and design. Our owners all have different and unique artistic styles. We all have experience designing logos, images for apparel, and murals. We can both bring your ideas and designs to life by screen printing or painting them, or work with you to come up with a new design.

When: We officially came to be in July 2016, but we have been in the making for a much longer time. Three of our original worker-owners participated together in urban arts programs and social justice entrepreneurial classes before CNS. Their passion for art, social justice, community, and creating jobs for the youth in our community helped bring CNS into fruition.

Why: At CNS, we believe in beautifying our city, empowering the youth and the community, nurturing creativity, and using ethical practices. We see that there is a need for our Oakland youth to learn skills, and to make money within the community through a social justice lens. We also want to make sure that you, and your walls, look good.

If you are interested in our murals, using us for screen printing or design, hit Contact and let us know what you're thinking. We would love to work with you!